How to behave responsibly in order to prevent this disease?

1. regular visits to the gynecological examination (at least one colposcopic examination and Pap test per year);
2. adequate protection during sexual intercourse (use of condoms as a contraceptive);
3. healthy lifestyle (reduce/quit smoking, do not have sexual intercourse before the age of 16);
4. avoid frequent changes of sexual partner;
5. obligatory early detection, monitoring and adequate treatment of changes in the cervix.

The average age at which invasive cervical cancer is detected is from 48 to 52, and cancer in situ (at the cellular level) at 35. In recent times, it is clear that the incidence and mortality from cervical cancer are on the rise again, especially with young women. Also, we should not forget older patients (postmenopausal and senile patients, older than 60 and 70) in whom the incidence of vulvar cancer is slightly higher, so it is very important that women from this risk group continue to visit a gynecologist regularly.